Hello everyone!  My name is Craig “Dallas” Broyles.  I am a homegrown cook and enjoy how food brings friends and family together.  I like to credit one of the best cooks I every knew for inheriting the love of cooking and food, my grandmother.  She had a major influence in my life and will continue to through cooking.

Ok, in case you were wondering about where the nickname of Dallas came from, I was given the nickname of Dallas in basic training and it stuck.  I have to say, I am glad it did.  So as you probably figured out, I am from Dallas, Texas and have a lot of cooking influence from there.  Additionally, while I was in the service I traveled to many countries and enjoyed trying different foods.

I have been wanting to create a food blog and have had many friends tell me I should.  So here I am and I hope y’all enjoy the site.  Feel free to email me a recipe if you want me to cook and post about it.  Enjoy!